John D'oh Book Launch and solo art show.

I have been keeping this quiet but I am now ready to announce my first ever book in conjunction with Tangent Books.

The book will be released at the people's republic of stokes croft on Thursday October 12th from 6.30 alongside a show called 'cut out and keep'.

This is no generic coffee table art book. It is an insider view of street art and is essential reading for teachers and students working on urban art projects. It contains an in-depth exploration of the practices, concepts and developments of street art that can easily be understood by more general admirers of graffiti and scholars alike.

I produced this book after being asked over a number of years to help students with their dissertations examining various aspects of street art and in response to interest from academics looking for behind-the-scenes insigkhts into the art form.

It can also be read as a personal, enjoyable and sometimes humorous journey through the artwork

Image description

The accompanying show is going to be called "Cut Out and Keep" and the artwork will be very affordable one-off originals that highlight the themes and chapters in the book. Alongside this will be other pieces which many people will have already seen on walls around the country or in their newspapers but never in an actual gallery as I generally class myself as a street artist. This is therefore a very rare occasion to be able to purchase original work other than prints.

Peoples Republic of Stokes Croft 17-35 Jamaica St,, Stokes Croft, Bristol BS2 8JP