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Bristol is a Vibrant and diverse City, Filled with unusual and brilliant art both on and off the streets and is home to some of the most famous artists in the Urban Art scene.

Chances are if you've visited Bristol,  You've already seen my work. Most  of my work is created from media influence and recycled materials. I use my inspiration from love of film, anime ,comics ,the legends of urban art and add some of my quirky John D'oh humour to it !!

I'd like to think that I have my own style, as an artist I pride myself on my own originality, my own unique style that; like marmite ,you'll love or hate it!

2015 was a fantastic year for me and I feel I accomplished so much but continue to grow as an Artist but am starting to get known outside of my native Bristol as my work travel's the globe and attracts media attention.

I have specialised in the 3D art movement for a while and in 2013 I was lucky enough to have two 3D installations in the Upfest Urban art festival in Bristol which I think was the first of it's kind in it's History and one in 'Paint the Town' in Weston-Super-Mare .

I have become increasingly well known for my wacky style of mixed media street art and have so many ideas and projects in the planning and looking forward to the coming year  so please what this space and follow me on social media.

My Art

I tend to work with a mixture of media and recycled materials in 2D and 3D and always try to make or produce something a little different.

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I am always looking out for events and Exhibitions.

Lucky enough to have been able to Take part in Upfest in Bristol ,Paint the Town in Weston,Volksfest,Tamworth,Liverpool,Birmingham ,Stoke Croft and Cheltenham Festivals but if you are an art gallery looking to fill wall space  then please do not Hesitate to contact me.

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